You have a grounded presence and from a movement therpist perspective, you move from your organs.

Marilyn G
I credit you personally with giving me such positive energy that inspired my epiphany in the shower with regards to my mother... I think of people like you on clear mission to spread happiness, positive energy and relief from pain.  This world needs more people like you if it is to survive.  I thank the powers that be that I met you.

Isabel P
She RAVED about the effectiveness of your treatments, went on and on to say she has tried everything and been everywhere for her pain issues, but in just 2 treatments, she feels 85% improved!!!!  YAY!!!  And she said whatever you are doing with her spine is helping everything else get in line

Speaking of Alice
CranioSacral with Kim - has helped me more than I can put into words.  It is healing and energizing.  The changes I feel in my body are like no other therapy I have experienced.

A Patient
avatarEric is an integral part of our health care team. A specialist in AIS (Active Isolated Stretching) he is often able to accomplish what some trainers cannot, even working with handicapped patients and others with multiple medical conditions.

Palm Beach Weight and Wellness

Valerie S and Leslie
Thank you very, very much for lending your time and talent to educate the community about the Sari Center and what you do to help cancer patients and their families.  I adore your energy and your passion for your work.  Many, many thanks for all of your kind, beautiful help!

Trisha S
Just had a (CranioSacral) treatment with Kimberly LaRue - her energy is wonderful and she gives it abundantly on many levels - her love and expertise are very evident!

A Patient
Kim, your strength and words are a gift. So lucky to have you in my life.

I’ve taken Kim LaRue’s Mindfulness course twice before, and I plan to take this course again in June. I know what you might be thinking, why would you take it again after two times already? Well it’s kind of like going to the gym to work out our muscles. We keep going because we know it will only help our muscles grow and get stronger. This is what the practice of mindfulness has been for me. I’m working on growing my “mindfulness’ muscles. After all, our mind is perhaps the most important muscle of all.

When I started practicing mindfulness I’ll be honest to say that I went in with the mindset that this will somehow “take all my problems away.” What I’ve learned though is this, The practice of mindfulness isn’t about “getting rid of your problems”. It’s about learning to live with our emotions, both the pleasant and unpleasant without judgment. I know for me when I feel anxiety, I can easily get consumed in it.

With mindfulness, I’m learning that it’s okay to feel anxiety. It’s okay to feel sadness. It’s okay to feel pain. I don’t have to allow my emotions to control me. I can learn to accept them for what they are and be okay with that. That’s what mindfulness is all about. Learning to pay attention to the present moment. I’m learning how to be comfortable with my discomfort. There’s such power in mindfulness.

And then there is Kim LaRue who is such a gift to the practice of mindfulness. What a teacher she is. Kim is knowledgable, wise and very caring towards her students. Her gentleness and compassion is refreshing, and makes you feel at ease. If you are reading this and still unsure as to whether or not you want to take this course, I’d like to ask you one thing, “If you could learn to suffer less, would you?”